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Discover centuries of knowledge. 

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Secrets to become a better knitter.

Spark your creativity.

I've Discovered An Easier Way…

Hi there. I’m Jodie Morgan, a knitter with 40+ years of experience. 

Feel stuck trying to enhance your knitting skills amidst a hectic schedule? You’re not alone. We all struggle to find time to learn new techniques.

Enter a multitude of wonderful resources: videos, podcasts, websites, online classes, but so little time to explore it all!
To fight the overwhelm, you need easy methods and quick gains that build your skill set, confidence, and satisfaction in the time you have.
Introducing A Smarter Approach To Building Your Knitting Skills.
My Success Manual is designed for just that! It’s a comprehensive, curated collection of 180+ years of timeless knitting wisdom.
Skill development, organization, needle selection, and cost-saving.
It's your anytime, anywhere companion. The best part? No jargon, no baffling diagrams.Just straightforward steps-to-success.
Here’s What Other Knitters Say….
“Jodie’s success manual is a great resource for knitters of all skill levels and experience, filled with lots of great tips, tricks and tools to add to your knitting toolbox!”

– Nancy Lobban
Designer, Teacher, Lifelong Knitter, Editor & Blogger @ Ciobair

She Became Twice The Knitter
In Half The Time.
By Investing In This Success Manual Today, You’ll Reap The Rewards Of:

Convenience: No more endless searching. Save your precious time!

Faster Learning: When you've got it all on hand, improving is effortless.

Inspiration: Plenty of innovative techniques to inspire your next project.

Cost Efficiency: Countless-books-and-courses-worth for the price of one.

Motivation: Having an accessible wealth of knowledge is reassuring!

What’s Inside Knitting Habits?
Part 1: Stitching

Never make the same mistakes over and over again with simple solutions.

Learn what the BEST method for casting on is.

Discover quick fixes for common stitches, tension, cable knitting, and more.

Reduce stress by discovering what seems like a big mistake but doesn’t have to be.

Part 2: Skillbuilding

Discover the essential skills you need to minimize frustration and maximize enjoyment.

Learn what myself and other experts WISH they knew when they started knitting.

Get encouraging advice on how to approach frustrating problems.

Find out about gauge swatches and how they can save your projects.

See my recommendations for finding community, off and online.

Know about all the little-talked about but essential knitting techniques.

Part 3: Yarn

Find out how to choose yarn and explore all the choices without feeling overwhelmed.

Learn how to build, organize (and downsize) a stash of your own.

Never have a knitting disaster again by learning to care for your knitted items.

Part 4: Knitting Needles

Discover which materials, sizes, tip types and style suit each project and skill level best.

Get easy to follow guidelines on how to properly care for them.

Finally figure out what size to use when.

Part 5: Organization

Learn which tools are essential for making your knitting life much easier.

Get an easy hack for knitting on the go.

Discover simple strategies for keeping everything in order.

Part 6: Budget

Learn which skills will save you money and bring you more satisfaction.

Find out what to replace with cheaper alternatives, or items you might already have.

Discover how to get free and affordable resources and tools.

Here’s What Other Members
Are Saying...
“The format is laid out nicely. It’s easy to read and understand, and follow along. I’m impressed and loved reading every minute of it!”

– Gail Halling 

Lifelong Knitter & Reader

Special Bonus
Extra Material

Get a cheat sheet for understanding knitting abbreviations and lingo.

Demystify knitting patterns with a comparison of US & UK terms.

Easily understand and convert knitting needle sizes.

Get plenty of helpful info and tips on yarn types and weights.

Impress your friends at your knitting group with fun facts & trivia.

So, What Are You Waiting For?
Get Instant Access To Knitting Habits...
My Success Manual will empower your creative journey. You’ll get immediate access to a wealth of knowledge, satisfaction guaranteed.
No hidden fees or illusions.
10 Things Knitting Habits Will Teach You...
If you’re ready to transform your knitting journey today and learn to:

Master the fundamentals and make them your own.

Create beautiful projects while keeping costs down.

Unlock your creative possibilities.

Bring intricate designs to life with ease.

Wave goodbye to tool and notion chaos.

Demystify complex patterns and dive into new projects fearlessly.

Take control by truly understanding the tools of the trade.

Get excited to learn new techniques instead of dreading them.

Unlock a lifetime of relaxation and mindfulness.

Build courage to overcome procrastination and have fun!

… and much, much more.
Other Knitting Enthusiasts Share Their Experience...
“Jodie shares all her experience in a practical and easy way, giving the reader many suggestions about how to complete a project and reducing the frustration that sometimes arise while practicing. As she says: ‘Be kind to yourself and know that making mistakes is a part of learning. No one is perfect!’ Try to learn something new and have fun!”

– Cinzia Matricciani
Author, Cook, Music Lover & Blogger @ Il Sorriso del Bradipo

Picture This...
Who Else Wants To Receive Thank You Cards Like These?
Just imagine being on the receiving end of comments such as...

"Your hand-knitted Fair Isle sweater is one of the coziest winter things I own. It's extra warm and snuggly."

"Wow... I'd never heard of that designer before... Such lovely designs!"

"Thank you for the lovely pair of socks. The colors are so vibrant, and I love the playful striping pattern you chose!"

"Your skills have really improved! That looks professionally made."

"I just had to drop you a note. Thank you so much for the blanket for the baby, it's just so beautiful and soft. When I showed it to the other Moms in my baby group they were amazed. Jenny who also knits was so impressed, she said it must have taken you ages! Thank you again for your baby gift and we will definitely see you again soon."

"Thanks again for your advice on my next sock project."

Wow, thank you for the set of dishcloths! They add such a cozy, homemade touch to my kitchen, and they're so cheery."

"Your knitting tension is so consistent! How do you get it like that?"

"I can't get over how quickly you knitted that. It's like magic!"

Is Knitting Habits Right For Me?
If you want to learn to enhance your knitting skills, find more joy, and make beautiful things, YES, this is for you!
You’ll walk away with a brand-new knitting toolkit, whether you’re a beginner OR an intermediate knitter looking to improve.
Envision a world imbued with more…

CREATIVITY: Experiment with designs you love, learn at your own pace.

JOY: Knitting Habits will empower you to develop skills that last a lifetime.

CONFIDENCE: No more daunting projects. Enjoy everything you create.

Bottom Line: If you’re not already the most satisfied, knowledgeable, happy knitter you can be... Knitting Habits will transform your craft, guaranteed.
If That’s What You Want, Then..
My Success Manual Is Right For You.
Here's What Knitting 
Aficionados Say...


“Lots of helpful hints herein for a newbie knitter. Never lose one’s mojo with this little guide alongside!”

– Julia Dixon-Pither

Expert knitter, lover of cooking and philosophy.


“It’s clear and has some really good tips and advice that would be perfect for anyone starting out. I may need to get ‘do not work on your main yarn project when angry’ printed on my craft room wall!”

– Kelly Bloomfield

Experienced Knitter, Crochet Designer, Publisher, Needleworker & Sewist


“It’s an easy read with the basics explained very clearly. These are helpful tips for beginners. This is such a helpful tool to have on hand!"

– Molly DeWalt

Knitting enthusiast.

Questions? Here Are Answers To What You Might Be Wondering…
As attractive as my Success Manual is, my members tell me only a small percentage reading this letter will respond and take me up on my offer.
Although they tell me it's perfectly normal, it really bothers me.
You see, I know how much my members have benefited from Knitting Habits.
I talk to them, I get their emails, and many tell me how much my Success Manual has helped them bring joy to their knitting practice.
So I don't like the thought of someone not getting Knitting Habits, having to continue to struggle, and not having the satisfaction of beautiful knits...
Because of a mistake I've made in my explanation.
That’s why I held a special brainstorming session with my Insider members, just to try to figure out why you might say “no” to my no risk-free trial offer.
After several hours, we could think of only a few possible reasons.
Here they are:
Q: Will I Receive A Physical Or Digital Copy?
A: You’ll get a digital copy. I’d love to do a physical one in the future!
Q: When Will I Receive My Success Manual?
A: I process your order through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment gateway. When you get your Success Manual today, you'll receive instant access on the order confirmation page.
Q: Who Is This For?
A: This is for the self-directed learner. The knitter who wants great results.
The knitter who wants to actually enjoy their making, without being frustrated by yet another mistake or tricky technique.
Knitting Habits gives you with real, working strategies that've helped countless knitters make their skill level soar.
Then, it'll give you a peek behind the curtain of my journey to show you what's working and what's not...
Let me show you the mistakes, so you can eliminate needless frustration!
Q: I'm A Novice. Will This Benefit Me?
A: Yes! I’m confident you can dive in with only a desire to knit and come away with a wealth of knowledge.
It takes time to learn, but you’ll never get there unless you get started.
Q: I Have Some Experience. Will It Still Help Me?
A: Yes! Even if you’ve been knitting for a while, the Success Manual will save you countless hours on the trial and error it takes to fix mistakes on your own.
Q: Do I Have A Limited Amount Of Time To Access It?
A: Of course not! It’s yours to keep forever, and access whenever you need it.
Q: What Format Does It Come In?
A: You’ll get an EPUB and PDF, plus instructions on how to read them.
Q: What's The Return Policy?
A: Within 37 days of purchasing, if this hasn’t helped you enhance your knitting life for any reason, email me, and you’ll get a full refund.
Q: I Accidentally Bought Two Copies. What Do I Do?
A: Email me for a hassle-free refund for the extra purchase.
Q: How Can I Gift It To A Friend?
A: That’s a wonderful idea! Email me and I’ll sort it out for you.
Q: What Payment Methods Can I Use?
A: I accept American Express, China UnionPay, eftpos, JCB, Mastercard, and Visa. I can't accept Diners Club or Discover.
Why Time Is Of The Essence...
The Best Time To Enhance Your Knitting Was Yesterday. The Next Best Time Is Now!
We all dream of knitting beautiful things, but it’s hard to gain the skills you need. If you’re feeling daunted by learning, I’m here to support you!
There’s never been a better time to expand your knowledge. You hold the needle and yarn, and with Knitting Habits, you’ll have the know-how. 
I don’t want you to look back a year from now, wondering what might have been if you only took that leap.
I want you to be proud of the skills and techniques you’ve mastered!
"Do you have a guarantee?"
Definitely! I Have A NO Risk! 37-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
I want you to embark on this journey without a worry. That’s why you've got the chance to enjoy this Success Manual for 37 days.
The only thing you have to do is give it a chance!
But if you’re not satisfied, I'll happily refund your payment, and you get to keep the Success Manual anyway!
No hassle, no funny business, no hard feelings.
Just beyond this letter could be the key to transforming your knitting overnight... with an increase in satisfaction and beautiful projects!
But I’m not asking you to believe me.
If I’m wrong and you don’t see the value in Knitting Habits, then you lost nothing and GAINED the Success Manual for free.
But... what if I’m right?
Thinking: “This Sounds Wonderful But I’m Not 100% Sure?"
Keep Reading!
Try Knitting Habits totally risk free for 37 days if these resonate with you:
#1: You’re just getting started with your knitting, and want to fall in love with it away by using only the most useful, fun strategies.
#2: You’re motivated by the potential of new knowledge and you’re excited to spend time on what you know you’ll enjoy for YEARS to come.

#3: You feel confident knowing you have 37 Days to test it out. It’s simple. Either you get the most out of your knitting life, or you get a full refund.

In short, creating knitting habits that enhance your learning, bring you more joy, and set you up for long-term satisfaction.
What If One Idea...
One Spark Of Inspiration..
One Small Improvement In Your Skills...
Helps You Gain A Life-Changing
Knitting Epiphany?
Listen, this is how BIG moves are made in building your skills.
And isn’t that what you want?

A lifelong making journey that's “chaos-proof” and provides you joy regardless of what's going on in your life... 

A skill that continues to improve without nose-to-the-grindstone work... 

A creative practice that actually gives you REAL fulfillment!

If that’s what you want, I invite you to get your Success Manual today...
Praise For Knitting Habits

“The information is comprehensive.”

– Tina Irving
Knitter and crocheter with 40+ years of experience.

“It’s a very interesting premise. The content is very crisp and clear I did enjoy how large the text is, it made it very easy for me to read. I really enjoyed the small glimpses into your own personal knitting experience in between the practical advice, it broke everything up and made it more personal and personable.”
– Christine M. Zeitler
Librarian (Master Of Library & Information Science), book reviewer at Year Of Books In Review.

“Just read it. It was spot on.Very easy to follow and visualize.”
– Aida Chimelis
Experienced knitter and teacher.

"I found it both informative and validating. I really appreciate how helpful it's been."
– Cathy Berardelli
Keen sweater and colorwork knitter, enthusiastic learner.
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Lastly: enjoy your knitting journey with lifetime updates and special bonuses.
So, are you ready for your knitting transformation?
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